Mike Lang

Deep in the Heart...

Mike Lang

of Texas! I am spending the weekend visiting my brother Matt in Houston. Sorry ladies, for the next 3 days I am hanging with him. Vamoose!

As a native Texan, it is sad that I have not been on Texas soil for 36 odd years. It feels good...although it is colder than I wanted it to be. That, and Matt has no coffee pot.

We have a busy weekend planned full of good food and beer. Last night we ate Greek, I had some really nice lamb kabobs, and tonight we are catching a Rockets game. My overal goal, of course, is to cram as much local food into my mouth as possible.

During my morning two mile trek for coffee (Matt had to work this morning), I passed no fewer than 2 Weber kettles in his complex. I feel right at home.

Now, when's lunch?