Mike LangBeer, Homebrew

Brew day with The Drew

Mike LangBeer, Homebrew

The SetupWe have been planning some time for this joint brew venture and today the planets finally lined up.  We spent six hours together brewing an all grain batch of brown ale.  In total, we brewed about 12 gallons of beer.  Each of us took home 6.  Drew has been brewing all-grain for some time.  This was my first walk through.  By the end of the day, I realized that I really needed to get my mash tun finished!

Besides having never gone totally all-grain, I have never had that much beer in my kettle on my converted stand.  Fortunately, neither of us were whisked off to the ER with 3rd degree beer burns to our lower extremities.  The welds held just fine.  In fact, I wish Drew hadn't brought it up because I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time on the stool.

Stiring the wort
The Drew working the grain

I find it somehow strange that we will always manage to do these "outsideish" activities when it isn't exactly "outsideish" weather.  I find it stranger still (and a lot more funny) that two guys can spend 6 hours in a garage drinking beer with a large steaming Rube Goldberg contraption and no one bothers to give us a second look. 

Getting ready for boil

The day went by fast.  Part of it was due to The Drew's beer fridge.  Like every man, Drew has taken that extra fridge in the garage and converted it to an industrial strength kegerator.  After today, I know he has given me strength to drill holes in our beer fridge (Note: Zoe, if you are reading this...I am just talking about it.  You know, I don't really need to...but if you would like to, I am totally game for it.  Thanks!).  Drew had 3 home brews on tap and they were all good. 

Beer Fridge: OutsideBeer Fridge: InsideHomebrew x3

The entire brew event was a success, although we will not know the truly final word until we taste our work.  I have one more partial extract batch to make and then I am going all grain.  It might take longer, but the entire process is worth it.  Plus, I am just happy to have something in my kegs again.

Almost ready to cool...