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Mike LangGrilling

The Video

It is with great reservations I post this...basically out of fear of public embarrassment! About two weeks ago I entered the Mario Batali video contest. Essentially, you have to come up with an original recipe and create a three minute video documenting you preparing said dish. I prepared herb encrusted baby back ribs on the rotisserie. It is a slightly different take on ribs and one I have really come to enjoy.

Herb Encrusted Rotisserie Baby Back Ribs

Now the bad part is that I tend to be a little cheesy at times...okay, a lot of cheesy most of the times. Thanks to the magic of video, I edited out most of the cheese.  I hope.  Bean, my director, helped to keep me in check too. The result is a no shtick straight demo. The video can be found here. On a technical side, I filmed it in widescreen, but as luck would have it their uploader converted it to 4:3. I'm really not that thin...

If I happen to make the top 7 (which I really, really doubt) I will let you know as I believe everyone gets to vote!