Mike LangBeef, Grilling

What's on the Grill #80

Mike LangBeef, Grilling

Herb Crusted Tenderloin! On Friday night (a little late on this I know), we had the honor of hosting my parents, as well as our good friends the Halls, for dinner. The Halls had helped Mom & Dad all day with the big move and it was decided the best way to celebrate was with what else, beef.

I dipped into an old William Sonoma grillbook to get the recipe. The tenderloin was quite simple. I butchered a PSMO down to a 5 pound tenderloin and smothered the outside with a coating of chopped thyme, flat leaf parsley, and salt and pepper. I separated a side piece of the PSMO for Zoe's well done portion. The neatest part of the recipe were the three side sauces. I always like some kind of sauce with my tenderloin. With all of that missing delicious fat, something in my opinion has to make up some flavor. The trio of sauces were a wonderful addition.

Grilled Red Pepper Sauce
1 Grilled Red Pepper (grilled, steamed, & de-seeded)
1 Cup of Sour Cream

Yogurt Pesto
1/4 Cup of Pesto
1/2 Cup of Yogurt

Dijon Mayonnaise
1/4 Cup of Dijon Mustard
1/2 Cup of Mayonnaise

They were that easy, and that good. Especially the red pepper sauce. The tenderloin was seared over the 650 and then grilled indirect on the Performer for approximately 40 minutes. I took it off when the internal temp reached 135 degrees. After a short rest, the temp rose to a little over 145 and after slicing looked like this:

The meal would not have been complete without Zoe's preparation of the great Bobby Flay Blue Cheese Potatoes on Watercress. Those things are amazing. Along with the usual grilled squash, zucchini and asparagus, we had quite the feast and almost no leftovers.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Mrs. Hall brought these great peanut butter things. The name escapes me, all I know is that they were good and are now all gone. Thanks!