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What's on the Grill: Ruth's Chris Steak House

Mike LangGrilling

Ruth's Chris Steak HouseEver since we learned that a Ruth's Chris Steak House arrived in Destin, I knew we had to go. So, to celebrate our quasi-family reunion and Matt's last night in Florida, Dad treated the family to the meat extravaganza known as a Ruth's Chris dinner.

First plus of the night was the Chimay I had. The first (and really only) negative of the night was that it was served in the wrong glass.

Since I knew this was going to be a destination for dinner, I already knew I was having the Cowboy Ribeye. Any time I can get a bone-in ribeye, I go for it

Cowboy Ribeye.

For Bean, we suggested the petite filet. He of course wanted nothing to do with that. He wanted either the New York strip or the ribeye. He ended up going with the strip because it was "firmer". I was going to congratulate the rationale for his decision until I realized he was just reading the menu description! To his credit, he ate almost the entire thing.

The art of doneness is truly an art when they serve your meat on 500 degree plates. Not only do you have to take the steak off the grill at the right time, you need to take it off early enough that it will continue to cook and rest so that it arrives at the proper temperature.

Mine was perfect. It was such a thing of beauty, I almost did not want to cut into it. Of course, I have also come to the realization that anything mopped in butter prior to serving is good. I may have to do that more often at home.

It was a great meal, and if I was not in such a nice place I would have picked the bone up with my hands and gnawed on it. After Bean made his way though his dinner, he proudly proclaimed to Zoe that it was better than anything I made. Cheeky bugger. Although, I will have to agree!