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Well bless my sister. After playing quite a bit of PS3 over the holidays, she went back to Cali and started jonesing for a little Call of Duty 4. I guess once you run around in a virtual world sticking a knife in your brother's back (not mine for the record) you start to get a little addicted. So Anne decided to get hooked up. That's what they do in California after all. Even with the time difference, it was nice to see Anne online for some quick play. If we were really lucky, Matt would show up when he wasn't "studying" and throughly romp us all.

After a few weeks of COD, Anne decided she needed to take it up a notch and ordered Rockband. Now as I alluded to several months ago, we about kicked Anne out of our "band" for poor vocals. Our virtual fans just didn't seem to like her. Fortunately, she brushed up before Christmas and made us proud...well mostly. Now she has no excuse. In her shoebox size apartment, her neighbors can look forward to hearing her thrash around at all hours as she customizes her vocal stylings and learns Neil Peart's drum fills. Best part of all, we don't have to wait for summer to rock together, we can do it online. Although the online playing doesn't allow me to hear her every single thought out note, she does get to hear all of my missed guitar parts.
BTW, thanks for sending the pics Anne! I chastised her for not photographing the "unboxing"...which is becoming a ritual in our house. Her response is best left in her own words:

as i don't live my life in a world prepared to blog, i decided to document the resealing of the box and the repacking of the box (which also works as the unpacking), followed by reopening, readmiring, and then some sad and nerdy rocking out alone. do with it what you will!

I will Anne, don't worry about that and yes, you do look rather sad in your staged drum pose. It is almost like someone burst into the room and caught you drumming when you shouldn't have been.

One more thing...I just learned last night that Tim's PS3 arrived and he has spent the last week quietly practicing COD before announcing his online presence. Nice Tim. Bring it on, bring it on...just watch for the girl. She welds a wicked knife stick.