Mike LangGrilling

ManNight 2008

Mike LangGrilling

Well ManNight 2008 went off without a hitch and was enjoyed by all. Although this morning this afternoon (who am I kidding, I actually slept in), the smell of the house reminds me of old fraternity parties, the good memories live on!

As you know, this year's theme was Luau. Although not in the traditional sense of the word, I can quite assure you. In fact, Mike & Jayme brought with them a little bit of ManNight's 2006 theme with them. Styling, but highly flammable.

This year's dinner was smoked pork shoulders, smoke ribs and Mike & Jayme's most excellent deep fried chicken wings. As Mike will remind everyone, it is not ManNight unless something is deep fried. The shoulders and ribs were rubbed and kept overnight. Both were smoked with apple wood. I used "The Sauce" and Keith's favorite hot vinegar sauce as accompaniments. I also served up a firecracker slaw I took from a Raichlen book. It was intrigued because it called for pickled jalapeño juice. Tasty and hot!

I wore my traditional luau attire with shirt, lei and grass skirt. Eric wore the same thing, with a few exceptions. In fact, this is all I can show you. Let's just say he had some issues with "coverage".

After our meal, we retired to the basement for several hours of Rockband. Although it was new to a few people, everyone caught on pretty fast. There is just something about a group of thirty year olds rocking out that is pretty damn funny. Whether it was Jayme channeling Elvis and Frank Sinatra, or Jeff keeping a solid bass line, it was a lot of fun.

Until the next ManNight...