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What is better than beer?

Mike LangBeer
How about a book about beer! Zoe's Uncle Alan, a fellow beer lover, sent the most amazing Christmas gift:

'86 Good Beer Guide

The 1986 Pocket Guide to Good Beer, by Michael Jackson. For the uniformed, Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter, just happens to hold the same name as Michael Jackson the freak singer. But, they are two entirely different people.

The guide, outside of its interesting historic bookmark on the craft beer revolution of the US in the mid-eighties, held an additional surprise. It bore an inscription from Michael Jackson to Alan. Apparently Alan hosted a dinner that Michael attended. The book is timely in that Michael Jackson passed away earlier this year.

A great gift...

The guide gives an overview of beer around the world, based on either country or continent. In England, I always get excited about tasting notes of Adnams or Fullers. In the US, it was interesting to see a number of breweries that where "new" in the mid eighties. For instance, the Boston Beer Company just took Best of Show for the Sam Adams Boston Lager at the Great American Beer Festival in 1985. A number of other nationally available beers today were only regionally available then: Sierra Nevada, Red Hook and Anchor Steam.

Hey Dad is Rhomberg still available in the old Pickett Brewery in Dubuque?

This was a beautiful gift from Alan. I felt guilty about receiving it after I read Michael Jackson's inscription. Fortunately Alan reassured me that he has a second signed copy! Thanks again Alan, I look forward to sharing our next pint.