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Needless to say, this group will be in a cage and it will not be gilded, it will be locked!

Rockbandn' It

Yes, Rockband came to our house for Christmas. We have experienced Guitar Hero, but there is definitely something about Rockband that makes the young and old smile. Bean, who is a natural and Guitar Hero veteran, picked it right up. Matt, the same. Samantha, great percussion. Anne, the singer, not so much. Just kidding Anne, you did great...really. She reminded me of a sober and drug free Liza Minnelli.

The only problem right now is that the Guitar Hero III and Rockband Guitar controllers are not interchangeable on the PS3. Activision and Harmonix, the parent companies, are having a battle over licensing terms and money. In the meantime, the consumer suffers. Hopefully the often talked about patch is released soon and we can add a bass to our Rockband group, a second guitar to Guitar Hero III and auditions for a new lead singer.

Although it is a lot of fun, the recent South Park episode poking fun at Guitar Hero did make me a "little" self conscious!