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Mike LangGrilling

You have to leave it to the folks at the Weber ad agency. They have really out done themselves this time. About four weeks ago, Weber launched their Campaign to Promote Grill Decency. I of course jumped on the website, signed up to be an "enforcement agent" and acknowledged responsibility in helping some friends and family members "Go Weber".

Imagine my surprise, several weeks later, when a box showed up from Weber. I am now an officially sanctioned "Grill Decency Agent"...with an ID card to boot. The Weber dossier contained my recruitment letter, door knob hangers, a button, stickers, my ID card and a Weber Style silicone basting brush (Nice!). This is pretty neat. Especially for a grill geek like me.

Needless to say, it will not be long before I am trying to convert unsuspecting suburbanites to Weber. Especially when I find them trying to light their Meijer hibaches with excessive amounts of lighter fluid. It will just take a gentle reminder by leaving my CPGD (Campaign for Grill Decency..duh!) door knob hangers.

I have received your orders Weber and I will be carrying them out!