Mike Lang

When Technology Fails You...

Mike Lang
OK - We are in Florida. I thought I had posted a bunch of stuff yesterday during our death march fun family drive, but nothing seems to have gone through. So, let me briefly recap:

0600 Saturday morning - Dayton:

Under the cover of early morning darkness, a group of six people, linked together by a mixture of blood, marriage and bad luck, packed their way into a fully equipped minivan for what was sure to be the shared journey of their lives! That's right, for the next twelve hours, Zoe & I are driving to Florida with our parents. As we roll down the highway (actually when Mom drives, it is more of a sway), the six of us can grow as a family in 55 square feet of motor vehicle bliss. 1 hour down and 11 to go. I think I will wake up Bob & Wendy so I can start sharing.

1100 - Somewhere in Kentucky:

Granola Shortage!

Well, the English met the Kentuckians at a McDonald's and the language barrier erected itself quickly. When a cop walked in, I was certain that somebody was going to be asked for "papers".

Nonetheless, a quick stop and we were on our way. Unfortunately, Zoe discovered that in order for McDonald's to stay profitable, they had to strongly cut back on the amount of granola they pass out with their yogurt parfait's. Keep in mind that is an unopened bag in the photo. Yup, she enjoyed all six of those delicious little natural nuggets. I guess low-fat means we only give you a few.

1500 - Somewhere in Alabama:



Like a sign from the heavens we pulled into a Stuckey's that was stuck right in the seventies...literally. The bathrooms resembled torture chambers (I know I heard screaming) and the aisles were filled with the greatest assemblage of vacation bricabrac ever!

1830 - Destin:


We finally arrived. For Bob, this is his first time to Florida and really, his first time cross country through the states. It made him lament that the twenty minute ride into Newport on IOW really isn't that long. Before crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge, I told Bob that the whole thing was really a farce. In reality, we have been driving in a huge circle and we had never left Ohio. In fact, as I checked my watch, I told Bob that we should be back home in just a few minutes.