Mike Lang

When holidays go bad...

Mike Lang

You know the week is not off to a good start when it is 11 PM and you are looking for an urgent care, or in this case the local emergency room...which for the record is an urgent care too (and a Level II Trauma Center). Zoe came down with what she thought was heat rash on Thursday, but by Friday it had not gone away. A trip to the doctor back home thought it was poison ivy. Well twenty four hours later, there was no relief, especially since it was literally all over her....yes, all over.

So, we took a trip to the local Fort Walton Medical Center. It was a very small, yet very friendly ED. In fact, Zoe was ready to run for the door she was so embarrassed. The first nurse we ran into practically begged us to stay. It must have been a slow night. Anyway, her friend who was working triage was supposed to be "really nice". Which she was! So, Zoe was triaged and shown to a bed. I followed along.

Oh I forgot to mention, we had dinner at Captain Dave's before all of this. I mean we had to eat!

So, if you can imagine a small four bed area where the walls are sheets, that is where we were. Seeing it was a Saturday night, I was certain we would hear some good conversations. So, let's recap: the woman next to us hurt her leg and when reaching for her purse, fell out of the wheel chair she was sitting in. All we heard was: (crash)shit, shit, shit...(shuffling feet). I think the guy diagonal from us had some kind of STD. Quiet talk, some antibiotics and he was gone. Although, after the Doc loudly told Zoe, "Wow, that's some bad poison ivy", I am rethinking the STD part. If that guy did have an STD, I am almost certain the Doc would have also proclaimed, "Wow, that's a bad case of the crabs!"

The Doc was quick to see us and was super nice. He did say, "Wow, that's some bad poison ivy" and ordered her shot and a few prescriptions. The administration of Zoe's shot to her derriere reminded me of that scene on the show House where Dr. House gave Cuddy her fertility shot in her rear. Except in this case, House was a woman and there really wasn't any sexual tension in the room...well maybe except from the guy with crab's.

So, with that we were off. Total time spent 90 minutes. She is starting to feel better today. I told her to play off the large patches of poison ivy as a crazy birthmark. No one would ever guess.