What's on the Grill #35

Duck! This was supposed to be a quiet out of the way dinner. Zoe does not like duck. Not because duck does not taste good, but because when she thinks of duck, she thinks of Donald, Daffy, bow ties and sailor suits. When I think duck, I think 180 degrees and moist. I guess in this area, we differ a little.

Anyways, her evening plans changed, so what was supposed to be a secluded night of duck grilling turned into a night of me hiding the duck I was grilling. She knew I was doing it, she just did not want to see it. Bless her.

Anyways, I love duck. That fatty dark meat is fabulous. Tonight was a typical "production" as Zoe has started to call it. I didn't start until after 6 and did not eat until around 9. A little late, but well worth it. Fortunately, she had already eaten. For the feast, I did not do anything fancy. I stuffed the cavity with crushed garlic and periodically mopped the duck with a apple cider reduction. In my haste, I keep forgetting that sweet things burn: i.e. apple cider. The skin turned out to be a little burned, but the meat turned out pretty good. This was not my best duck, so in order to improve, I guess I will have to do another!

The best part about the down time with the rotisserie? I had time to make Thai Salmon cakes with the leftover Salmon from the night before.