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USA Keith = UK Keith

Mike LangGrilling
I must be living in some kind of bizarro world...it seems that USA Keith and UK Keith have a lot in common. Besides their go-to personalities, luck with the ladies, boyish good looks and thick locks of hair (which I will forever be jealous of)...they also have the same TV! Isn't that Weird!?!

UK Keith has been looking to buy a new TV for their sitting room and was looking at Sony's. Imagine my surprise when he was looking at a 40 inch Bravia. We talked about it quite a bit yesterday and did some online research. We found the best price at Comet's...which is kind of like a Best Buy. After ordering it online, we picked it up today.

BTW, Comet's is exactly the same as Best Buy. As Keith & I braved the checkout, I witnessed firsthand how their help was the same lot of knowledgeless, slow and extended warranty pushing hacks that we have in the US. They tried to push an extended warranty that cost one third the cost of the TV!

Now UK Keith is quick to point out that he paid the same price in pounds as USA Keith paid in dollars...if you include the exchange rate, that means UK Keith paid almost twice as much! UK Keith not so happy about that.

UK Keith is also going to order the same wall mount that USA Keith has...that will also cost twice as much. UK Keith's is going into a total concrete/plaster wall, so that will present a series of issues probably on the same difficulty that USA Keith and I had. After having literally pawned over both TV's I can tell USA Keith that they are identical...outside of the Europe specific connections.

There is nothing that I love more than unboxing new electronics...or grills.