Mike Lang


Mike Lang

After a staggering two days of work, I have finally earned a Friday! Since Zoe is working tonight, I have a very long evening planned of grilling, drinking and tinkering. First up for the evening, a bottle of Blue Moon's new summer brew, Honey Moon Summer Ale. I almost did not pick up Blue Moon. I have typically enjoyed their styles in the past, but I kind of cringe knowing that Blue Moon is really a "stealth brew". In fact, we had a discussion today at work about just that.

Blue Moon is brewed by Coors, although you would never know it by looking at their bottles. If you go to the Coors website, you will see it listed there. There is also the commonality of "Brewed in Golden, CO". It is Coors' way of creeping into the craft brew market and they have been fairly successful with it.

So, how was it? Not too bad...but not great. The nose of the beer is almost non-existent. I am going to blame that on a chilled beer and two weeks of real ale! This beer is one of those drinkable summer brews. It goes down, but doesn't really do much for me. It is most definitely a sweet beer. I can still feel the honey hanging on my tongue. It is so sweet in fact, I think it almost overpowers the hint of clover that I find lingering.

Oh well, I have some Circus Boy in the fridge...