Mike LangGrilling

Dinner...Dad Style!

Mike LangGrilling
Mom & Dad had us over for dinner tonight. As I watched Dad don his umbrella to work the grills under a downpour of rain, I remembered my grill gene heritage. Dad grilled his special bourbon tenderloin and vegetable platter. This is one of Zoe's favorite meals. In fact, it is so famous...I have been forbidden from recreating it, less I destroy it somehow.

As an added surprise to the evening, my parents granted me some early birthday presents since the odds of getting together in the next several weeks are nil. I am at the age now when asked how old I am, I can proudly respond "Half way to death." When you are "young", you proudly announce birth dates as a right of passage, "13", "16", "18", "21"... Somewhere past thirty, that changes. They presented me with a wonderful card which exposed on my alleged "greatness" as a son. This of course begged the question: "If I was so great as a son, why did they feel the need to have two more?" That question was never really answered..."Note to Tim & Matt: No need to thank me on my apparent inadequateness...in what areas, I am not really sure."

The neatest gift I received was my new apron:

Yes, that is right...Executive White House Chef. How cool is that? Thanks!