Mike Lang

Weekends are for rest?

Mike Lang
Ah yes....something every good home improvement project should never go without: beer and wood shims!

Nothing like putting in a twelve hour day...on your day off. As noted earlier in the week, we decided to rehab the basement. We had Moose for about as long as we had finished the basement. As we reached the end of that chapter, we decided to start a new chapter with a fresh start. The basement has plagued me for years. When you have a house that is seventy five years old, it pains you to walk into your friend's new homes that have basements with nine foot ceilings. It is also frustrating dealing with walls that shows years of water damage. Fortunately, the water damage has been taken care of and only the scars are left behind.

Yes, in a house that is seventy five years old, you get six and a half foot ceilings and the kind of duct work that you see Bruce Willis crawling through in Die Hard. Although my vote was to tear out the entire thing, we opted on a half work over. I would tear out half of the drywall to remedy some electrical problems and leave the ceiling.

Work went fairly fast. Of course, on one of the nicest days of the year I am inside. Fortunately, or unfortunately as of a couple minutes ago (She is a little sore and tired now...), Zoe was outside staining the deck. I replaced some Durock that was damaged from the old wood floor in front of the bar, I raised all of the outlet boxes to their code specified height (BTW, narrow depth boxes are an incredible pain) and I repaired some of the old furring strips. I had forgotten, but nine years ago I used concrete nails to secure the strips. No wonder I have so many bad memories of that job. My hammer drill and some Tapcons made for quick work. Unfortunately, my hearing wasn't so lucky.

I ran new speaker cabling to be prepared for a 7.1 setup...if that ever happens and planning way ahead for a change, I ran more RG6 and Cat-5 from my wiring closet in the addition. I even included a pull wire in case I need to pull new wire in the future. I guess I have finally learned my lesson.

I was determined to hang some drywall tonight, but since it is already 8:30, Zoe has demanded that I stop. None the less, I will not stop tomorrow until the drywall is up and the first coat of mud.