Mike Lang

Far Cry

Mike Lang
Wow...little did I know...until I checked my e-mail at dinner, but today, Rush released their first single off of their new album, Snakes and Arrows. The song, titled "Far Cry", is available for streaming off of their website. As I type this, it is the fifth time I have listened to it through.

For some reason, the song takes me back to their Counterparts album back in the early nineties and then again, parts of it also remind me of Signals from the early eighties.

The track definitely rocks. It is funny, I have distinct memories of the first single off of every Rush album since Hold Your Fire in 1987. Presto came out while I was a senior in high school. I had that on cassette tape! I was at Purdue for both Roll the Bones and Counterparts and have vivid memories of both singles. I remember listening to the live world premier of Test for Echo and Different Stages. A few years ago, I remember working a case and listening to One Little Victory while tracking a suspect down. Funny how memories collide with music...I guess that only happens with bands that span over thirty years of music making.

Here is a mashup of the Far Cry with some older video footage. Roll on 1st of May!: