Mike Lang

A Farewell to Han

Mike Lang
Jen's disconnected take on the passing of the late President Ford has spurred APP friend, reader and now contributor to document Jen's perceived passing of Harrison Ford. I have been told that the entire proceeding was filmed digitally, on premises, with Jayme's assistant, Martini.

I must say, every time I look at this collection of moving photographs...I find myself wiping my eyes. I don't know if it because Harrison looks so young, or it is because I miss my Optimus Prime Transformer. Although, I guess the best news is that we just might see Indy 4 afterall.

I also wish that Jayme would have further explored the relationship between Boba and Harrison. I have always believed that Boba spent many hours in a monologue talking to that frozen carbonite case. He most likely spent that time sharing his feelings on people like The Dog commercializing his hardwork and his inability to eat Skyline without removing his mask. Now that would have been good reading.

Thanks for the pics Jayme! I can only guess how you will chose to photograph the next Jenfused moment!