Mike Lang

Top 10 Things to Do When Your Wife is Out of the Country

Mike Lang
4. See Jonathan Coulton live at Canal Street Tavern!

I have been following Jonathan's music for about a year and remembered saying that I would drive about any reasonable distance to see him. I never imagined it would actually be here in Dayton! What can I say...sheer excellence! I had forgotten how enjoyable intimate live music is.

Jonathan covered all of our favorites: the changing of the seasons, monkeys, zombies, etc... and was absolutely hilarious. Jonathan (or was it Jon-a-thon the sporting event? His name was misspelled on the bill) was also nice enough to pose for a picture. Unfortunately, it was taken with the TREO since the good digital camera is in Thailand and I didn't want to embarrass everyone by bring along the 25 pound 1995 digital camera I have sitting at home.

Paul and Storm closed the show and were also great. I think one of the things I enjoy about JoCo's music is that not only is it funny, but it is incredible music. Three cords and a joke doesn't make it, Jonathan's music is way past that. Great success awaits him one day.

It was an incredible evening. I hope he comes back!

UPDATE: A fellow Coulton Fan posted her pictures on Flickr...much better than mine!