Mike Lang


Mike Lang

Remember Jen?

Well now apparently when one of these well known "Jenfused" things happen, Mike calls me first. He knows I will make every "Jenfused" situation public as quickly as possible.

As Mike tells the story, Jen calls Mike from work to let him know that Harrison Ford has died. Mike said he was shocked and asked Jen how. Jen told Mike that she did not know.

After hanging up, Mike reflected on the conversation. As Mike pondered to himself, well I know that Gerald Ford died today...

Mike calls Jen back and asks if maybe she meant to say that Gerald Ford died.

Jen says, "Then why are the flags at half staff!"

Mike says, "Because Gerald Ford was a past President."

Jen says, "Before Reagan?"

Mike says, "Yes, before Reagan."

Based on the current living President's, Jen is preparing next for the passing of George Clooney.