Mike LangIsle of Wight

Dinner at The White Horse

Mike LangIsle of Wight

We had dinner tonight at the White Horse. The pub is the the oldest established inn on the Isle of Wight and was originally built in 1454. We ate with Bob & Wendy and Paul & Sam. Great meal and great conversation. Bob continues to slag english steak, but I had a really good strip steak in a nice bacon & mushroom sauce.

In yet another example of being able to look your meal dead in the eyes before you eat it, Wendy ordered trout. Her plate arrived, with head and eyes and the trout proceeded to stare at Zoe until Wendy gave it respect and covered it under some potatoes.

Zoe and Sam wanted doggy bags, so when the waiter came to clear the table, I asked for a pair of "doggy bags". Well apparently, I was taken literally and the waiter returned with two plastic bags. As I stared at the bag and wondered how I was going to slide the food into the bag, I began to also wonder how exactly chicken curry with rice would look in the bottom of a plastic bag. Hell, Sam had beef medallions. We would walk out looking like someone was swinging their colostomy bag in one hand and a bag of vomit in the other. Two crusades and two world wars and the Brits are still savages.

Our conundrum brought Wendy to tears...from laughing too hard. I think Wendy realized that once my phone came out, this would all be posted on the blog. Fortunately, the waiter offered to do the dirty work in the kitchen and when he returned, he wrapped the food in aluminum foil and then placed it in the bag. Shheww...