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A couple things...

Mike LangIsle of Wight
Well, Zoe has officially just about completely lost her voice. She visited with another friend this morning who lives just down from Bob & Wendy and tonight, we are meeting another friend who works as a volunteer fireman a couple cities over. We are getting a tour of the firehouse, so I am looking forward to it.

Well if imitation is flattery, I am not quite sure what to make of the English version of Extreme Make Over, Make Me Perfect. First of all, after being subjected to Extreme Makeover, I am not sure Perfect is ever really something that is ever obtained on the show. I would call the English version the kindler, gentler version. They take the "candidate" back to traumatic places in their life where their unusual physical form caused some sort of mental trauma. They then hold hands and talk about why people were making fun of them. If that was me, an entire series would need to be devoted to these "visits".

As all things European, they show everything...I mean everything. They don't just talk about using a hammer and a chisel to take off the extra nose stuffing, they show it. They also show the Full Monty when it comes to the before picture. I looked over to the telly and saw some women doing the 360 degree camera thing and they showed everything. They are now showing the doctor retrieving his watch from her abdominal...no just kidding, although they show more of the procedures here than they do on Discovery Health. We are so close, I feel like I should be passing tools.

The woman is now going on how she is in some pain after the procedure. After watching the Doc beating the fat out of her, don't show her the video...whatever you do.

Hey lucky for this young lady, they just announced that they are using the Make Me Perfect A Team. This of course begs the question, who gets the B & C teams?