Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's on the Grill #156

Brisket! On Saturday, we hosted a Christmas party. Outside of having the opportunity to spend a wonderful evening with friends, it gives me a chance to cook for a lot of people. In order to fill the menu, I opted for brisket and pulled pork.

Early morning brisket

I realized it has been some time since I grilled/smoked a brisket and I haven't grilled a brisket when it's been this cold.

Dropping the Butts

With about 20 degree weather (I know this may not be cold to everyone, but it is to this hairless griller!), I prepped the Performer for the brisket and the 26 for 2 Boston Butts. The brisket was grilled using this recipe. The only variance was the brine time. I upped it from 2 hours to 10, as I let it brine over night. I was a little concerned about the meat turning out too salty, but my worries were needless, it wasn't.

Sliced to Serve

The brisket was ready to go after a little over 8 hours at 250. After a rest, it was sliced and served. I must say, it was great. The pork, however, could have stood a few more hours. I had some trouble with the coals on the 26 and with such a large amount of meat, I should have given it more time. The pork was good, but not great.

Regardless, the food set the backdrop for a wonderful evening. In my book, a fine night starts with food and ends with friends. We are blessed to have enjoyed both.