Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's on the Grill #156

Brisket! On Saturday, we hosted a Christmas party. Outside of having the opportunity to spend a wonderful evening with friends, it gives me a chance to cook for a lot of people. In order to fill the menu, I opted for brisket and pulled pork.

Early morning brisket

I realized it has been some time since I grilled/smoked a brisket and I haven't grilled a brisket when it's been this cold.

Dropping the Butts

With about 20 degree weather (I know this may not be cold to everyone, but it is to this hairless griller!), I prepped the Performer for the brisket and the 26 for 2 Boston Butts. The brisket was grilled using this recipe. The only variance was the brine time. I upped it from 2 hours to 10, as I let it brine over night. I was a little concerned about the meat turning out too salty, but my worries were needless, it wasn't.

Sliced to Serve

The brisket was ready to go after a little over 8 hours at 250. After a rest, it was sliced and served. I must say, it was great. The pork, however, could have stood a few more hours. I had some trouble with the coals on the 26 and with such a large amount of meat, I should have given it more time. The pork was good, but not great.

Regardless, the food set the backdrop for a wonderful evening. In my book, a fine night starts with food and ends with friends. We are blessed to have enjoyed both.


Mike said...

Nice! I a bit ashamed to admit that we haven't yet attempted brisket - even though experiencing great smoked brisket on a trip through Texas was one of the main things that prompted us to get a smoker.

Mike said...

Thanks Mike. With all of your accomplishments, I AM surprised you haven't done this yet. In fact, I need to do it more often. It's the kind of meal that you plan a ton of leftovers from, and that is right up my alley!

Dave said...

The brisket being done in 8 hours and the pork being a tad under is definitely what keeps bbq people coming back. It's amazing these staples continue to give challenge to seasoned bbqers.

The brisket is making me very hungry and it's only 8:20 in the morning.

Also, 20 degree weather is even better than the heat to cook in.