Sunday, December 06, 2009

What's on the Grill #154

Grilled Pan Fried Mahi Mahi with Tequila Salsa! Well winter has arrived in southwest Ohio. Although I grill year round, I certainly enjoy the grill more when I can hang out by it in shorts, a t-shirt, and a rum based cocktail with a small umbrella versus mad dashes in and out of the house dressed like I'm on a North Pole expedition. Does cold weather stop me from grilling? No. However, a gas grill that doesn't light does. It was only in the mid twenties last night, but for some reason I could not get the Summit to light. It's on natural gas, so this wasn't a case of an empty LP cylinder. Needless to say, I had no time to start charcoal, so it was back into the house (and the warmth) I went.

Fortunately, this recipe was easily adaptable to my second favorite cooking surface: the cast iron skillet. But wait, before the fish, we have to knock out the salsa, which was a mixture of diced pineapple, red pepper, onion, cilantro, mint, and essence of Sammy Hagar, to wit: tequila.

Tequila Salsa

The cast iron skillet was pre-heated to medium. The Mahi Mahi filets were rubbed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. With the skillet at temp, I dropped a dollop of butter which melted across the surface. I then placed the fish. The filets cooked for about 3 minutes a side, until they flaked with a fork...or in my case, the side of a spatula.

Grill down, pan up

The filets were served up on warm plates, topped with the salsa and a side of rice. In the end, the meal worked out great and I stayed warm. Better yet, today the grill fired up with no problems. I guess Mahi Mahi was destined to be pan fried after all!

Pan fried mahi mahi with tequila salsa


Andrew said...

Way to fight the cold weather in ohio with what looks like a great tropical dish!

Have you checked out the new Seven Fires cookbook-it is pretty awesome (I guess any book is that as a recipe for a whole grilled/smoked cow).

MikeV @ DadCooksDinner said...

I have the same problem with the igniter(s) on my Summit. Here's what Weber had to say when I emailed them:

...try cleaning the electrode. If you remove the cooking grates and flavor bars you will see your burner tubes. At the beginning of the burner tube, you will have the electrode.

Take a tissue or paper towel and clean the electrode. Sometimes you can get debris on the electrodes, and this will prevent them from sparking properly.

I was down to one working igniter before I did my spring grill cleaning. It worked great; they were all working again by the time I was done.

Now they're getting dirty again, and I'm back to one working igniter. Time to clean the grill. If only it wasn't below freezing out there...

Mike V

Mike said...

@Andrew - Thanks and no, but it looks like I should.

@Mike - Thanks Mike. I do have some ignitor problems which I failed to address when it was still warm! As best as I could tell, they were still sparking, but not lighting. I think the whole things needs a good clean. My problem the other night was no gas. I have cooked out in much colder weather, so I am really curious as to what the problem was. Most importantly, it is working now. Thanks again for the tip!

A Year on the Grill said...

my igniter gave up the ghost a long time ago... one of those long handled lighters works ok, but it is irritating... Love the fish

Mike said...

@AYOTG - After awhile, ignitors appear to live on borrowed time.

Malcolm said...

This is beautiful...fresh fruit salsas (particularly if they combine fruit and a lot of heat, like habanero) on top of fish is rapidly turning into one of my favorite things. Beautiful pics, as always.

Mike said...

Malcolm - Thanks! I completely agree too when it comes to salsa. In fact, if a certain someone in the house (not me) could take the heat, I would love to spice them up a lot more. With fresh ingredients, they are so easy and always so good.