Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kara Anne Lang 2007-2009

Kara Anne Lang 2007-2009 

Things have been quiet on the blog since Christmas because of a family tragedy we are still coming to grips with.  Kara, my brother Tim’s daughter, died unexpectedly on the day after Christmas.  She was 2 1/2.  Tim and his wife, Kathy, adopted Kara from birth in 2007.  They have chronicled every minute of her short precious life since the day they found out she would be a part of their family.

To have a child filled with the joy of Christmas one minute, to a family suffering an irreplaceable loss the next, puts grief in to a category rarely experienced.  Tragically, Sunday was the day Tim and his family were traveling to Dayton to spend Christmas with the rest of us.  The Sunday evening gathering at Mom & Dad’s was subdued, with Kara’s unopened gifts under the tree serving as an immediate reminder of the pain we were all experiencing.

Although we may never know the exact cause of Kara’s death, we know her spirit and smile will live on forever.  Tim, Kathy, & Samantha gave every minute of themselves to Kara’s life.  It is devastating their time together was cut so short. 

Professionally, tragedy and death are no strangers to me.  This blog was set up to be an outlet for the good things in life.  Unfortunately, as we all know, life is not always good.   This post is a reminder of the balancing act life is.

Kara will be missed, and she will always be loved.