Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 Beers to Christmas

OK, a little bit of a different direction tonight. Although I am staying across the pond, I am moving up to Scotland in terms of geography and down to a pale ale in terms of style. Tonight's beer occupying the number 8 spot is Bateman's XXXB or Triple XB for those who don't want to say X, X, X, B. Besides having a fancy name, Triple XB is also "classic" and "premium". Clever marketing, as I really don't like things that are new and cheap (ie: most things at Wal-Mart).

Bateman's XXXB Pale Ale

Alright, snark aside, this is actually a pretty good beer. As a pale ale, hops are much more front and center compared to the other styles I have had so far. XXXB poured with a really nice head and when held to light had a ruby red color. The sweet taste was quickly followed by a peppery hop finish which quickly took over. I found the pepper really interesting and quite good. Tonight was a smashing success.