Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Beers to Christmas

What would Christmas be in the beer world without your Bad Santa's, Santa's Butt, and Insanely Bad Elf brews? Probably slightly less scary and perverted than usual. Whereas most of these beers are more gimmicky than enjoyable, Troegs Brothers' The Mad Elf is both scary and good.

The Mad Elf Ale

This beer poured with a single finger head and had a light red straw color. If you are not a fan of cherries, you will not like this beer. This nose is cherry, the taste is cherry, the color is almost cherry. This Mad Elf, outside of some most likely anti-social behavior, also has a cherry fetish. For 11% ABV, this sweet ale is deceptively strong. The warmer it gets, the better it gets, which is good. You will want to take this one in stride.


DH said...

Do you know if I can get this in KY? I will be home for Christmas starting tomorrow.....

Love the blog, the pics, and the grilling!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work!

Dave said...

11%! Shoot, that explains a lot. The other night we WALKED, thank goodness, to a small theater nearby to see Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol (very good) and I got a 24 oz on tap version of this. Wow, what a wallop. I agree though, much better as it warmed (or I didn't care as much).

Since it was on tap, I missed that cool label. That's hilarious.

Enjoying this series.

Mike said...

@DH - I don't know, but knowing KY, I bet you can! I hope you have a safe journey home...and thanks!

@Dave - Holy cow, 24 oz! I think Boston's only served it in 10 ounce classes when they had it last week. Your walking was well planned! That is just too funny.

BTW, I bought a thermocoupler...!