Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Beers to Christmas

I turn to the land of beer and in-laws for beer #10: England and St. Peter's Brewery's Winter Ale. I have enjoyed some of St. Peter's other styles and have yet to try one I have not liked. They are easy to find on the shelf with their distinctive shaped bottles too.

St. Peter's Winter Ale

The Winter Ale poured with a real nice 2 finger head. I detected a little bit of hops in the nose and a sweet taste that reminded me of raisins. The finish had a hint of spice that lingered in the back of my mouth. I am fairly certain come the first of the year I will head back down to Belmont for more. Tonight, St. Peter's was a welcomed treat.

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Jon said...

Have enjoyed both Old Leg Over and the St. Peters in the last couple of weeks. Especially liked the malt character of Old Leg Over. Gotta get more on the way from Rick over at Brewforia.