Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feed Me!

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As Ninette at Big, Bold, Beautiful Food pointed out this summer, if you don’t feed your blog, it gets grumpy.  Well my blog is beyond grumpy, it’s downright pissed.  Posts have obviously been light the last couple of weeks.  OK, light is an exaggeration…try non-existent.  

This is not to say I wasn’t trying to get something online.  I tried a new pizza setup on the 26 inch kettle…it failed.  I grilled up a 2 pound Porterhouse last weekend and the pictures sucked, even though the meal was great. 

On top of all of this, I am super busy in “the real world” and most likely will have intermittent posting over the next four weeks.  However, once mid-November rolls around, I will be back on track looking for my next meal, and my next pint.

In the meantime:

I am excited to have two recent blog posts highlighted on’s “Sites We Love”, the next Backyard Brewing Society brewday is right around the corner, and Arrogant Bastard Week is less than a month away…which, by the by, I will start at Stone Brewing Company in California and end at Boston’s here in Dayton.  I can’t wait.


joshbousel said...

Compared to me, you're like super blogger; I haven't posted a recipe on The Meatwave since last summer.

I made a brisket and loin backs with a dr. pepper sauce today that were both crazy delicious, but sadly I don't know when they'll ever make it to the back log of posts is literally over a year long. The real world seems to always trump blogging these days.

Damn the man!

Ninette said...

Thanks for the mention -- I appreciate it! I also have been light on blogging, so my blog has been on a diet. Life is so busy in the fall. I always enjoy your posts, so whenever you can get to them is enough for me!

Cynthia said...

I love your blog. I found it through Saveur a couple of weeks ago.

A Year on the Grill said...

take a break, come back when it's fun... great photo though

Mike said...

@Josh - I hear what you're saying brother! Has it been a year?! I keep seeing your tweets and for a minute, I thought my newsreader was acting up! I wanted to see what the Wave was up to

@Ninette - My pleasure, and thanks! It sucks when life gets in the way of fun.

@Cynthia - Thanks so much...that is great!

@A Year on the Grill - The problem is, I don't want to take a break, and it is always fun! Time, however, is the enemy. Thanks, it must be my 1 billionth chimney starter photo. They never bore me...all of that potential.

Shandy said...

Congratulations with the Saveur coverage on 2 of your postings! You do have a great blog and I am still a beginner in the grilling world. My hubby and I have dueling big grills. I am all about the briquettes and wood smoke and he is all about the propane and searing. I have the double barrel, he has the whoopee whatever that practically grills by itself (just friendly competition, really . . . except I am just learning and he has been grilling for a LONG time). I love your site because there is a lot here to soak in!

Ninette said...

Hey Mike,

I hope you'll try my chili if you're looking to adjust yours. It's swimming in spices and pretty yummy. A dark beer like Guinness or Dos Equis Amber works well, so if you've made a batch like that, throw it in. I also smoked mine over mesquite and hardwood charcoal, and I believe that's why I won.

athos710 said...

I just found your blog (via a comment you made on Amazon about a fryer) and you could be my hero. As I am a lover of grilling and making/drinking beer, your site just got bookmarked. If I ever see you at Boston's, I'll buy you a beer for sharing so many grilling recipes with me.
-Allen (Dayton,OH)

Ninette said...

Hi, come on over to my blog and see your Over the Top award. While you don't have to feel compelled to give out other Over the Top awards, I just wanted to recognize how much I love your blog.

Mike said...

@Shandy - Thanks so much, I'm glad you stopped by. There is definitely nothing wrong with a little grilling competition, that is for sure! I have always wanted to experiment with a double barrel (offset?) myself.

@athos710 - What a small world! The two go hand in hand together, don't they! Seeing it's Arrogant Bastard week, I hope to see you up at Bostons!

@Ninette - Thanks again for your recognition!