Monday, August 31, 2009


The Shoulder

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who “voted” for my entry on making pulled pork on a kettle for the Instructable’s Low and Slow BBQ competition.  I learned today I was selected as a finalist!

There are some great entries, so at this point I am just hoping to win one of the cookbooks.  And if I do, I will post a poll as to what my maiden recipe should be.  The official judging ends on the 7th.  I will keep you posted!

Thanks again!



ellen said...


brian said...

congrats! I came across your site a little while ago because we share a common "interest" under the blogger profiles, and I have to admit I have been thoroughly enjoying your posts and photography. Keep up the good grillin

Dave said...

That is one fine and valuable compilation of valuable experience. VERY nice. The images, the detail ... win or lose, you should be proud of that. Blogging too often allows us to show the snipets of discovery. This is a nice tidy complete work.

I'll make my way there again and vote.

Mike said...

@ellen - Thanks Mom! I know I can always count on you... ;)

@brian - Thanks! Yes, it appears we both love our Weber grills. You really can't go wrong, can you?! I'm glad you like to blog, and good luck with yours too. You are definitely covering the grilling bases!

@Dave - Thanks, coming from you this really means a lot. I was really hesitant in doing it all. Everyone has their own way of grilling...right, wrong, or whatever. I looked at it more for showing someone who knew nothing about grilling to gather up the courage to try it. Coming from a seasoned pro as yourself, I feel much better about it. Thanks again!

Dave said...

The only ones who would belittle someone for posting details on something they consider too simple are missing the big picture.

Scrutiny of the most common pursuits almost always results in learning. I love seeing the minutia of how others prepare the dishes we all savor.

E.g., I had big discussions on the Weber Bullet forum (all great participants) about the top vent. EVERYONE said it has to be full open. That can't always be the case - it can't. Full open is arbitrary. My kettle compared to one from 20 years ago have a different area of exposure from the evolution of the the design. Modulating the temperature by manipulation of BOTH openings, top and bottom, is key to temp control. Again, nice job.

Basting Away said...


You were ROBBED!! The grand prize winner's how to was OK, but I think yours blew it away!


Mike said...

Steve - Thanks...and thanks for tipping me off to it in the first place! On the bright side, I am definitely looking forward to adding a new cookbook to my collection!