Thursday, July 09, 2009

Things I will never drink again #1

Bud Light Lime.  In fact, Bud Light Lime shouldn’t even qualify for this list, or my blog.  Reason be, it is right up there with other things you shouldn’t drink as dictated by common sense: liquid glue, battery acid, and formaldehyde.  The only reason this evil elixir was in the house was because of a friend’s wife (Don’t worry Kelly, I won’t tell anyone).

Bud Light Lime

According to the fine folks who stock beer at Kroger, this stuff flies off the shelves faster than the free food they leave littered across the store disguised as “samples”.    Certainly people have better taste than this.  Of course I avoid those free samples like the plague, so maybe there is some kind of correlation there.

The taste?  Artificial and watery.  It reminded me of drinking a sugar free drink.  The makers want it to taste sweet without the sugar, but use 4000 chemicals in order to achieve their goal.  The end game here is that after one sip I still want something sweet and part of my brain just closed shop forever. 

My first clue to this train wreck should have been “Natural Lime Flavor”.  Actually, my first clue should have been the big "Bud Light” label, but I digress.  You would better off placing a…hold yourself here…a real lime in a bottle of Bud Light.  At least a real lime floating around would make the drink interesting.

As a friend on Flickr pointed out, the pool water in the background would make for a more interesting drink, and it’s chlorinated.

In full disclosure, in college I did drink Bud Light.  I was young, it was cheap, and I hated Miller Lite.  I know someone (Keith) will mention this.