Monday, June 15, 2009

Brewing Again

Lot's of standing around...

Saturday was another special occasion brew day.  I say “special”, because anytime we happen to get together for the occasion of brewing beer, it is special.  This time I was lucky enough to have both Eric and The Drew brew with me.  Dave, who is going to “commission” Drew for brewing next month, Brian, and Nate helped round out the day.

Dropping the extractCollecting the run-off

Eric brewed a saison with a ton of spices, Drew brewed a lager, and I brewed a hefeweizen.

Brewmaster Drew passing on knowledge

There are two new rules for our brew days.  The first is we always BBQ something.  Today it was a Boston Butt.  The second rule is we always drink homebrew.  Drew and Eric both brought a smattering, while I served up some from my one good keg.

You can't make homebrew...

Drew, who is by far the brewmaster of our merry crew, spent most of the day sitting down.  From a distance it was quite easy to tell who the master was.  I, on the other hand, can’t sit still to save myself.

Eric & Drew banter over their kettles

I was happy with my mash, as I my gravity readings were fairly close to target.  I’m still getting the swing of batch sparging.  For the first time, I made a true yeast starter and had incredibly vigorous activity in the fermentor before the end of the day.  I can’t wait for the results.

Pulled Goodness

After our successful brew, and successful pork, we headed up to Boston’s to partake in Firkin Fest.  After an afternoon of brewing, we were treated to among others firkins of Bell’s Hopslam, Amber Ale, and Victory Hop Devil .  Lovely.  Four weeks from now we will do it all over again.


Andrew said...

Looks like a good time, and good beer/food. I hope to get back into brewing, and to go whole grain, so this is inspiring.

Mike said...

Thanks Andrew, it was a great time. I hope you get the time to jump back in. I know I have!

ewtotel said...

So much fun... I'm running around doing all kinds of crap today, thinking, "I wish it was brew day again..."

DH said...

You got that right!!! You cant brew and not drink while you do it!!!! Great blog!

Mike said...

Damn straight! And right back at guys have some great adventures over there!