Sunday, April 12, 2009

What’s on the Grill #127

Melt Away

Burgers, Brats, Bacon…oh my!  It has been a busy weekend, and I really hadn’t plan on hitting the grill….at least until the great weather today.  After cutting the grass for the first time and with the house “Springerized”, a summerish cookout was the only way we could end the night (For the record, “Springerized” has nothing to do with someone waiting for DNA results as ewto thought.  He meant to refer to Maury Povitch).


Tonight was simple.  Bacon cheeseburgers, beer brats, corn, and baked beans.  The wonder of it all is that I was able to grill everything on the 26 inch Weber.  With the grill set up for indirect, I started the sausage over direct and after browning, moved them to their beer bath over indirect.  The corn was covered in butter and granulated garlic, wrapped in foil, and also placed on indirect.

Lovin' the 26

Grilling bacon is tricky. I could only let it go for several seconds over direct heat.  As the bacon would start to flare up, I would either flip it or move it off the heat.  After several evolutions of this, I moved it to the beer bath to “hang out” with the sausage. 

Grilled Bacon

Before adding the burgers, I added a pot of baked beans to cook indirect.  The burgers were then grilled over direct heat and then topped with cheddar cheese.

Grilled Beans

A simple meal, but sometimes that is what makes warm spring nights even that much more enjoyable.


BlueFrogJ said...

That looks like good eating for certain! Had the fortune of enjoying a nice grilled bbq meal at the folks house tonigt. My father purchased some sort of new grill (smoker attached), and I thought of your Flickr stream. Happy Weekend to ya!

thesecondpancake said...

I can just about taste the cool beer you must have had with that. What a perfect evening!

Dawn said...

love those burgers man!

Laura P. said...

these look great! just found your husband is going to love it even more than I do so far. : )

Hillary said...

Looks like a very delicious meal! I'm so excited to use our grill!

Chew on That

Hungry Gal said...

I am drooling. Bacon + cheese + beef = heaven. I'll take two please.

Mike said...

@BlueFrogJ - Thanks Jenn! "Some sort of new grill"! Specs, I need specs! I hope he likes it and gets a lot of mileage from it

@thesecondpancake - in the world did I leave that out of the post! For the record, it was Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier. It worked quiet well.

@Dawn - Thanks!

@Laura - LOL...yes, it seems some of my stuff can be very "guy centric"!

@Hilary - Yes, Spring certainly is grilling time.

@Hungry Gal - Coming right up...because that's exactly what I did.