Monday, March 23, 2009

What’s on the Grill #123

Jerk Rubbed Beer Butt Chicken and Jerk Rubbed Son of Beer Butt Chicken!  With Bean in town we figured we would add a little more poultry to the grill.  Thus the addition of a Cornish game hen to go along with the usual chicken.  Using a jerk rub from The Flay, each bird was rinsed, dried and seasoned.  I went to the secret stash of canned beer for the “beer can” part of the recipe.  I say secret because it’s Budweiser and I don’t want anyone to think I actually drink it.  It is hidden really, really well.

Son of Beer Butt Chicken

For the hen, I used a small juice can.  The juice was drained out and replaced with beer.

I popped some additional holes into the top of both cans and added about a tablespoon of rub to each.  With the cans readied, I lowered both birds onto their final perch.

Mounds of Spud

I also used this night to fire up the 26er again.  With the extra space I had more than enough room to place the chicken and the hen on the grate.  Of course I still ended up using the 650 for some spuds.

Hen + Small Can =  Good Grillin'

The kettle was prepped for indirect grilling.  I opted to use the charcoal baskets and setup a drip pan in the middle.  With the grill temperature reading around 350, I set the chicken on first for about 20 minutes.  After which, I added the hen and continued to cook them both together for an hour.


Andrew said...

Looks great-I always keep a stash of Labatt blue for "cooking" purposes. Of course it is hidden away.

Mike said...

Thanks Andrew. Labatt Blue might just be a better alternative. Dare I admit, I used to "Salute Canada" with old blue in my younger days!

Andrew said...

When in school, I had a landlord once who spotted me carrying in a case of LaBatt. He looked at me and said, "oh, you're drinking the fancy stuff, huh?" Since his beer of choice was Genny Light, I guess he wasn't too far off!