Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What’s on the Grill #120

What do you make with left over pulled pork?  Pulled Pork Pizza, what else!  This is one of my favorite “left over” meals to make.  Also, it was a great chance to try out using a stone on the 26 inch Weber.

Prepping the 26 for Pizza

I have been happy with the stone results on the 650, but for some reason I think I will enjoy using the stone on the kettle.

First off, the stone fits great.  Second, it just seems more natural to make pizza over fire (read: coals) then it does over gas burners.

I use my normal dough recipe.  For the sauce, I always use homemade BBQ sauce.  Tonight, I was lucky enough to have some of my friend Mike’s Coca-Cola BBQ sauce left which he had recently sent me.  I just had enough.  From there, I added the pulled pork and then handfuls of shredded mozzarella.  Simplicity at its best.

I employed the use of a pizza screen, because I find it makes my life that much easier.  Once the pizza is loaded, I transferred it to the stone with my peel. 

I prepped the grill for indirect heating.  I used one full chimney of lit coals and then supplemented that with about a half of chimney of unlit coals.  After everything was lit and the stone was in place, the hood temp measured about 450 degrees.  I was hoping for more, but that worked great for tonight.  I’m still learning about this bad boy.

The pizza cooked for about 15 minutes.  I rotated it once about halfway through since I only had heat coming from the two opposite ends of the kettle.

Pulled Pork Pizza

The results?  Great!  I think I have found my new grill for making pizzas.  Although after countless pizzas, I am beginning to see cracks in my 5 dollar Lowe’s stone.  Time to get another one…and soon! 


Andrew said...

Looks great-does the timing work out ok on the stone (top and bottom done at the same time)?

Mike said...

Thanks Andrew. Surprisingly, yes. I have only attempted the dough on grate method twice. With the stone, I liked the fact I never had to flip the dough before putting on the toppings.

Typically I use the Summit and with the IR burner going I had good heat and even cooking.

I used to try and put the dough right on the stone, but I was never very good at working my peel...even with a ton of cornmeal.

I picked up some pizza screens at a local restaurant supply store and I haven't looked back.

The only trick on the new kettle was that I did have to rotate the dough 90 degrees because the ends heated up faster due to the close proximity of charcoal. That was never an issue on the Summit.

This was probably the thinnest crust I have made too. I credit a good part of that to the dough tips from you and Dave!