Monday, January 12, 2009

What's on the Grill #110

After reading a little too much Bacon Today, I knew I was in trouble at the store on Sunday when I picked up a 16 ounce boneless ribeye and a slab of bacon.  For a quick little bit of fun, I decided to grill a bacon wrapped ribeye. 

Ribeye wrapped in bacon

Now I have grilled bacon wrapped steaks before.  Although in those cases it was a proper wrap job, not The Mummy meets Porky spectacle I prepared here.

I took the ribeye and wrapped it with the salty goodness and then seasoned it with some cracked pepper.  I skipped the salt for obvious reasons.  Now I pretty much knew I was headed for trouble by just looking at the meat.  I always grill my steaks over high heat.  In this situation, I knew that I would be lucky to have any bacon left at the end of the cook and I was basically right.

The bacon burned and melted its way into the steak in what seemed like a matter of seconds.  I "attempted" my grill mark turn, but it was kind of fruitless with flame, bacon, and grease flying everywhere.  By the time the steak was flipped at the four minute mark, most of the bacon had burned away and what was left, I set on top of the meat.

The Aftermath!

After about ten minutes of grilling, I removed the meat from the grill and allowed it to rest.  Although the final product wasn't as "pretty" as I would have liked, my overboard bacon ribeye turned out pretty good.  Next time I will stick to more traditional bacon entries like the Turbaconducken.