Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brew Day

Well brew day was a huge, huge success. Mostly because of my new cart and the elimination of my counterflow wort chiller. Mounting the water filter and buying some new dedicated hoses also added to the smoothness of the operation.

Draining the wort

I am certain that this is my last extract brew. Certain.

I opted to go with a whole boil versus the reduced extract boil I am curious as to how hoppy the beer will come out because I did not adjust the hops. On the downside, I came up a little shy of 5 gallons. I already added an additional gallon at the beginning, but in hind sight I should have added even more than that.


I secured the Bazooka-T with a clamp, so that managed to stay in place the entire time. Also, my new joints held well and when I drained the kettle it perfectly maintained a siphon until the very end.

The Bazooka T

The wort chiller was great. I dropped it in the last fifteen minutes of the boil and it reduced the wort to 80 degrees in about 20 minutes. It could have gone faster, but I had the coils spread to far apart; an easy fix for next time.

Nate stopped by for the boil and shared a bottle of The Drew's '07 holiday brew. It was a mild English ale with a hint of orange and clove. Really good stuff.

Homebrew and homebrew

Well I am stoked at how well my setup worked. I have a brew in the secondary and today's in the primary. I need to make room because I am brewing again...soon.


The Drew said...

You need to work on your tastebuds. The beer is actually made with nutmeg, vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon and hazelnut extract. Oh crap! There goes the secret recipe.

Mike said...

Holy Cow, The Drew!

LMAO...yeah, don't give away the recipe. Although I notice you are missing two things I tasted: orange and cloves..or gloves as I had originally typed it! Is there any left, or was that the last bottle?

Blake said...

I'm currently using an immersion wort chiller (with hose fittings) and wondered what you have switched to instead of a counterflow chiller. Also, good luck on your next brew without extract. Our last brew was our first non-extract brew and our homemade mash ton worked amazingly (after we forgot to buy a pre-made one). Unfortunately, after 5 months of primary and secondary fermentation, the beer did not turn out as expected. But we learned from the experience and look forward to brewing again soon.

P.S. I am definitely going to try some of your amazing grill ideas.

Mike said...

Blake - I am now using an immersion wort chiller. So far, I love it. I think my problems before stemmed from not enough height from the kettle to the counterflow chiller to the fermenter. I was also paranoid about keeping the counterflow chiller sanitized between brews. I still have it, so I may bring it out again down the road.

I am really looking forward to my next brew. Sorry to hear that yours didn't turn out as expected. I have found that even less than great results are still fun. Thanks for stopping by!