Thursday, October 02, 2008

What's on the Grill #93

Grilled Stuffed Peppers!  I really had to force myself to end the first sentence with an exclamation mark.  They were good and I really enjoy them, but something still seems to be missing.  I have been experimenting with this recipe since spring.  Though I think tonight's missed the mark a little because I did not have any chorizo...or cheese.  You have to have cheese!


Typically, I plan on about 8 medium size peppers and 2 pounds of meat.  This round included ground beef and ground pork.  For the rice, I steamed 1 cup (uncooked) of brown basmati.  Since I was short on chorizo, I added a few tablespoons of chipotle puree.  I could really add chipotle to anything and like the end result. 


I saute diced onion and garlic and then brown the meat.  I use the side burner because these are grilled stuffed peppers gang! With the meat browned, I add in the cooked rice (the first few times I made this I tried to cook the rice in the meat...that did not work at all), about a cup of tomato sauce, chipotle puree, oregano, salt and pepper.  I let it simmer for about 10 minutes.


I pre-heated the grill to indirect medium (just the outside burners on) and stuffed the hollowed out peppers with the stuffing.  Once the peppers are stuffed, I placed them in the middle of the grill and lowered the hood.  I give them around 30 minutes.

I need to have this again, soon.  I also need to take better notes so I can remember what I did last time.  I am still bad about that!