Thursday, March 29, 2007


Wings..., originally uploaded by Another Pint Please....

There are never enough to smear across my face....

Little Garry Kasparov

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens, originally uploaded by Another Pint Please....

To keep prices down, I have decided to buy this outdoor kitchen I found at Toys R Us. The only downside is that I will have to spend a lot of time on my knees and I am not sure how the plastic will handle the heat...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dinner Conversation #48

~Commercial of Rachel Ray blabbering across the television~

Bean: Boy, it's a good thing we didn't TIVO that...

Grill Jockey Jr.

How many 8 year olds understand the make up of a good rub, the importance of a two stage fire and have their own Smokey Joe Weber Kettle?

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Farwell to Mail

One of the most important reasons for Zoe's trip was to celebrate her Dad's retirement. For the last 94 35 years, Bob has worked as a mail carrier on the Isle of Wight. After years of having to wake at 4 AM to cycle off to work, Bob can finally stay up late and then sleep in the next morning.

Now, I can not remember if Bob is still allowed to drive the Royal Mail van or not...but I do know that he would often ride his bike while making his route. With the terrain of the island, that is an amazing feat in itself. In fact, here is a picture I dug up of Bob's first day:

Not much has really changed since Bob started with the mail service, outside the fact we now have indoor plumbing. Boy has time flown by over the years.

I know Bob's retirement is bittersweet. He is going to have to give up his fashionable uniforms that Wendy would never let him wear out to social occasions. He also will lose the important knowledge of which island residents receive frequent deliveries of magazines in plain brown wrappers...and then there are the holiday gifts people leave: Chocolate, booze, knickers...

Bob put his heart and soul into his job. I know of some mail boxes, people and a few dogs that will miss him. Congratulations Bob!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ricky Gervais - RND

According to Zoe, I missed a great Red Nose Day. Thanks to YouTube, I'm at least a little in the loop. Check out this hiliarious bit Ricky Gervais and Stehphen Merchant did: (for the uninformed, they are two behind The Office - in the UK).

Ain't No Steak High Enough...

Mike came over for dinner last night and brought with him, two of the most priced pieces of beef I have ever seen. Weighing in at just under two pounds, Mike proudly proclaimmed earlier in the day that I would be eating a piece of beef that weighs more than my brain!

They were just under two inches thick. Mike prepared a rub and I prepared the grill. After searing these mammouth beasts over a 500 degree fire, they sat for awhile on indirect. The result? Absolutely splendor. Mike indicated that he was surprised he didn't pick the whole thing up in his hands and eat it.
Cooking like this makes it harder and harder to go out to eat....especially for beef.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Far Cry

Wow...little did I know...until I checked my e-mail at dinner, but today, Rush released their first single off of their new album, Snakes and Arrows. The song, titled "Far Cry", is available for streaming off of their website. As I type this, it is the fifth time I have listened to it through.

For some reason, the song takes me back to their Counterparts album back in the early nineties and then again, parts of it also remind me of Signals from the early eighties.

The track definitely rocks. It is funny, I have distinct memories of the first single off of every Rush album since Hold Your Fire in 1987. Presto came out while I was a senior in high school. I had that on cassette tape! I was at Purdue for both Roll the Bones and Counterparts and have vivid memories of both singles. I remember listening to the live world premier of Test for Echo and Different Stages. A few years ago, I remember working a case and listening to One Little Victory while tracking a suspect down. Funny how memories collide with music...I guess that only happens with bands that span over thirty years of music making.

Here is a mashup of the Far Cry with some older video footage. Roll on 1st of May!:


Needless to say, when your wife is half way around the world, rumor on the street the last thing she wants to see is a picture with you and a wedding bride. Fear not, with my wife now only a quarter away around the world and me, on my first Man Night, I shared dinner with company I am far more familiar with...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

In the words of Mr. Obvious

In preperation for grilling some cedar plank Salmon with Charmoula, I was reading the back of the cedar plank package. Apparently, this wood plank may catch fire. I had no idea. I also learned that according to California law, that the combustion of wood products (i.e. this plank) may cause cancer & birth defects.

I never knew grilling had such disasterous side effects...burning wood and the potential to grow a sixth finger on my left hand....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Red Nose Day

OK - Now I am none too thrilled that Zoe is heading over to England next week. Why? Red Nose Day, that's why. Red Nose Day is the UK's Comic Relief. Every year it brings out the best in English comedy to raise money for Africa and underprivileged people in the UK. Typically, Red Nose Day marks the appearance of special editions of some fabulous Britcoms. Two years ago, RND had Little, Little Britain which appeared over here on the Little Britain Series 2 DVD.

Well, this year is no different. They are running sketches from Little Britain Live, the new Mr. Bean movie as well as the last episode ever of the Vicar of Dibley.

Heading Home!

Ryde from the air, originally uploaded by Simon.

With the luck of cheap air fare, Zoë is heading home to IOW for a week to visit the family. The worst thing, is that I don't get to go! None the less, it is a great opportunity for her to visit with her folks and to see her twin nieces. As we get older, these opportunities become more important. We should take them while we can because after all, we are only immortal for a limited time.

In the picture, you can just make out the Ryde Pier. Apparently, it is thirty minutes from London to the Isle via the air. It usually takes us a hour and a half by taxi. Of course with Zoë's love of flying, I can about bet that being crammed into a puddle jumper is that last thing she will want to do!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

JoCo Rides Again!

It seems like just yesterday Jonathan Coulton made his was to Canal Street. I about fell out of my chair today when I saw that he was coming May no less! Prepare yourself now, this will not be an event to miss!