Thursday, December 20, 2007

Weng Weng Night

No, it was not some closed door steamy window encounter, it was a night of high society and haute was a night of Manilla's most highly trained, lady kissing, ball kicking (seriously) special agent. Agent 00, Weng Weng, a 3 foot tall trained killer/lover or lover/killer depending on if you start the movie from either the beginning or the middle. I'm not quite sure how Eric finds this stuff, but he does. Along with my youngest brother and a good group of friends, Eric treated us to a night of cinematic magic, as we watched two of Weng Weng's featured movies.

As only Eric can do, we were treated to a night of smallish treats, in salute to the diminutive cinematic star of the evening. Mini quiche, mini tacos, little wieners and of course, shrimp. The food was great and the movie was well...disturbing. If anything, it made me want to make my own dubbed over foreign movie. Nonetheless, we saw 5 of the best actors that Manila had to offer in 1982 and some of the craziest fight scenes to see the silver screen since....well, I am not really sure if you can call them fight scenes, or freak scenes.

His wikipedia entry is pretty weak, but to give you an idea, check out the Weng Weng rap, circa the 90's.