Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

A hand me up...

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day. After working all day, we headed over to my folks for a little family time. Apparently Mom planned way ahead, as evident by my gift bag above. We often had things handed down, but rarely "handed up".

Christmas Roast

Dad grilled a great standing rib roast. We ate...and drank well, as usual. Needless to say, Christmas is always a time about sharing. I can not think of anything more fun to share on Christmas day than the story of my sister's conception. Fortunately, most of the details were kept hidden. I really couldn't hear much anyways because my fingers were knuckle deep in my ears. However, we do know enough to know that my folks were involved in some kind of bet. Somethings are best just left hidden...honestly. Well gotta go, The Prize Anne is calling.


ewtotel said...

First, I'm glad you all had a great Christmas.

Second... eww... I'll never be able to look your parents in the eyes again.

Tim said...

Don't feel bad. I received the same bag and tag, except your name was also crossed out.

keithk said...

Hmm, to a previous poster. All I can do is point out the rate of STD infection at "The Villages".