Monday, October 01, 2007

I Wanna Rock!!

Well I can guarantee you that the Christmas gift to be had around here is Rock Band for the PS3! I love Guitar Hero II, but since there is no way to play it on the PS3, the arrival of Rock Band, and GHIII to a lesser extent, will be well received in our household. To really seal the deal today, I saw that Rock Band includes a cover of Tom Sawyer. How cool is that?

Well at least now when I invite my friends over to play Rock Band, the game, I know that my Mom won't kick us out of the house because she is afraid one of my friend's, who have a job, is going to break Matthew's real band instruments!

To celebrate, here is the hilarious South Park intro Rush used to introduce Tom Sawyer on their summer tour. A tour I have completely missed. The quality is poor, but then again it is You Tube.