Monday, September 10, 2007

What's on the Grill #40 - Florida Edition

Pulled Pork! After about seven hours of grilling, I reached 190 degrees and the shoulder was done.

Shreading & Pulling

The best part? That would be Mike's Perfect Pork Potion. Mike told me that he had originally named his sauce "Practically Perfect". But let me tell you, there is nothing practically perfect about perfection. It was absolutely delicious. So good in fact Wendy wants me to see if Mike will let her take it back to England with her!

Mike's Perfect Pork Potion


nakedreviews said...

dude that looks delicious. if you're into drinking, i suggest you also try singapore's tiger beer. very crisp with a little kick at the end. it's really good.

ewtotel said...


"If you're into drinking"


Obviously not someone who "knows" you!

Mike said...

Thanks NR for your comments.

As Eric points out, I do like the occassional beer.

I have not had Tiger, strangely enough, but I do enjoy Singha and Cobra. I would consider Tiger to be close in taste. Lagers from India, Thailand and other parts of Asia complement spicy food rather well.