Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ribs Go Round and Round

Tonight will be "What's on the Grill's: Face-Off!" For sometime, I have been thinking about trying a rack of ribs on the rotisserie. It was just one of those things that I thought I would try. In the middle of a thread over at BBQSource-Forums, a fellow griller brought up rotisserie ribs. With ribs already on the agenda for tonight, I figured let's have a little Face-Off! and see how they compare.

Rotisserie Ribs

So, Zoe had picked up three racks of ribs at Sam's. I prepped all three the same with a rub I threw together. I prepped cherry wood chips for the smoke and set up both the Performer and the 650. The magical moment had arrived. I skewered one rack of ribs and placed them on the 650. Let the spinning begin.

Done spinning

The rotisserie finished a little bit before the Performer. Not too surprised there. But, the most exciting part of the evening, besides the Face-Off!, was the sauce. Mike, a friend of mine from New York, sent me a sauce recipe awhile back and I finally got around to making it tonight. I knew from the beginning that when I saw Mike had combined the trifecta of sweetness: honey, molasses and brown sugar, that it was going to be good and boy was it. I brushed the sauce on for the last twenty minute of cooking. The results were incredible. If you can imagine a sweet, sticky and smokey sauce, that was exactly what it was.

A couple of racks

Now, the results of the Face-Off! We all agreed that the rotisserie ribs edged out the Performer ribs. I am not really too surprised either when you look at at how both are cooked. But of course, the real winner of the night was the sauce...that glorious sauce. Thanks Mike!


stephen said...

'' Mike, a friend of mine from New York, sent me a sauce recipe''
Can you share that, please? Huh, huh? Can ya, Can ya, Can ya?

Mike said...

Stephen - Believe me, I've tried! If he ever lets me escape from his "secrecy act", I'll let you know!