Sunday, September 16, 2007

And then there were...crafts!

Well we made it back safe and sound. Today, was a nice jolt back to reality. However, for one of us, it hurt more than the others. You see, I lost a little bit of testosterone today. It is not easy to talk about it, but I will. Up until today, we had an exercise room. A nice Olympic weight set, some bar bells, a mirror, you know...that kind of stuff. Anyways, my gleaming room of male workoutness was replaced today by...a craft room. Yes, a craft room. Zoe...and her Mum by default, now have a place to sew. In fact, Zoe calls it a "sewing room". I call it a craft room. She said, "What other crafts do I do." I responded, "Well I am sure you will pick others up." She came back, "Like what?". "Shrinky Dinks", I said. Of course, that hit a cultural roadblock. I guess they didn't melt plastic in an oven in the UK and call it a craft.

Anyways, gone is my pristine workout equipment. Pristine because Zoe cleans so well, not because it was hardly ever used. Somehow, I shall recover.