Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's on the Grill #16

Tonight, it was Salmon with a Hoisin-Mustard Glaze on a cedar plank. I love the taste of Salmon on cedar, although for some reason tonight I felt I was missing some of that "woody" flavor. The salmon came from Sam's. My only complaint with Sam's salmon is that it is always skinless. I like having the skin on, especially when I am cooking directly over the grates.

If anything, I have enjoyed posting my grilling exploits because I find it a way to challenge the variety of recipes I am grilling. I am not going to post the same exact meal week after week. I am trying to mix it up more and I think it is working. Although lately, I have heard a lot of "Hey, stopping taking pictures and serve dinner!" Regardless, this is my time of the year. With the weekend coming up, I am already trying to get an idea of what to grill.


Cedar Salmon said...

I think the reason of Sam's salmon of making the salmon skinless is because the skin prevents doing much flavor on it.

Mike said...

Interesting...I figured there must be some other reason because Sam's wouldn't have that much foresight!