Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's on the Grill #16

Tonight, it was Salmon with a Hoisin-Mustard Glaze on a cedar plank. I love the taste of Salmon on cedar, although for some reason tonight I felt I was missing some of that "woody" flavor. The salmon came from Sam's. My only complaint with Sam's salmon is that it is always skinless. I like having the skin on, especially when I am cooking directly over the grates.

If anything, I have enjoyed posting my grilling exploits because I find it a way to challenge the variety of recipes I am grilling. I am not going to post the same exact meal week after week. I am trying to mix it up more and I think it is working. Although lately, I have heard a lot of "Hey, stopping taking pictures and serve dinner!" Regardless, this is my time of the year. With the weekend coming up, I am already trying to get an idea of what to grill.