Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello Newark!

Well I knew things were going too well...after a great flight from Gatwick, we landed in Newark and made our way to the Crown Room where I checked in with work. Then the announcement, "Your flight has been cancelled". Due to a combination of weather and air traffic control, Delta canned the flight to Cincy, as well as several others. The earliest we can get out of here is tomorrow morning...oh joy.

So, after having already been up since midnight, we had to make our way through the airport with the throngs of other pissed off passengers. We found the hotel reservation phones and on the eleventh attempt found a reservation...for $200 a night!! That was an expense we were not planning on.

So, here we are at the Newark Sheraton Airport. Funny thing, this is the biggest room we have been in during the last two weeks. I am tired, I stink and now I have to burn another vacation day when all I really want to do is get into my own bed. All I know, is that I plan on using every luxury and convenience this hotel has. I already gulped down their complementary lemonade and right now I am contemplating going swimming. We will make this stay worth it. You hear me Sheraton...worth it!