Thursday, March 08, 2007

Heading Home!

Ryde from the air, originally uploaded by Simon.

With the luck of cheap air fare, Zoë is heading home to IOW for a week to visit the family. The worst thing, is that I don't get to go! None the less, it is a great opportunity for her to visit with her folks and to see her twin nieces. As we get older, these opportunities become more important. We should take them while we can because after all, we are only immortal for a limited time.

In the picture, you can just make out the Ryde Pier. Apparently, it is thirty minutes from London to the Isle via the air. It usually takes us a hour and a half by taxi. Of course with Zoë's love of flying, I can about bet that being crammed into a puddle jumper is that last thing she will want to do!