Monday, April 03, 2006

Still passing the pint...

As you can see, life stateside is far less interesting then life on the Isle. At least it appears to be in compared to the number of posts that I have had in the last couple months. I still have plans for "ManTime"...Although, I am not sure if I am going to continue the "ManTime" theme here with a little re-vamping of the page, or simply start over on the "ManTime" link. Only time will tell.

One interesting phenomenon that I have been able to witness since starting this blog is the strange array of search strings that lead people to my posts. For fun, I am going to list some of these searches along with some answers to help those on the information superhighway find what they are looking for:

1. 1 pint equals how much - In the US, one pint equals 16 ounces. There are two pints in a quart and four quarts in gallon. In the UK, a pint is 20 ounces.

2. how can you tell if your spouse had dinner with another woman - Yes, that is an actual search string and what is even more strange, my blog was the first thing listed. Also, whoever typed that apparently believes that search engines actually have the ability to carry on conversations. Tip: I suggest researching how search engines work then check and see if your search string happens to correspond to an upcoming topic on the Dr. Phil show.

3. what to say for a pre-safety check for air planes - Hmmmm, I am typically better on what not to say.

4. Pre-safety training for titanic crew members - Hmmmm, apparently none...or at least nothing about clinging to broken pieces of icebergs.

5. zoe and yank beef in miami - I have absolutely no idea...nor do I want to know what this person was looking for.

6. wedding eve - I certainly did not coin the phrase, but still managed to be the first search return. A nice contrast compared to entry #5.

7. BACK SACK CRACK - I mention it once...

8. butt "common phrase" - Is "butt" a common phrase? What would be an example of butt as an "uncommon phrase"?

9. Royal mail state of vigilance - Nice to see that when someone wants to search for an issue of English National Security involving Royal Mail, the first thing they find is a joke from me about the preparedness of the post office.

10. what do you do if your wife get pregnant by another man - Hire an attorney.

As the searches keep coming, I will keep posting....if anything, the unexpected readers of this blog can be classified as paranoid partners in relationships that have a fear of flying, the Titanic and unorthodox wax jobs.